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First Stage of Tour de Singkarak Encounters Problem

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West Sumatra – The first stage of Tour de Singkarak international bike race, that started from the beaches of Carocok in Painan to Gondoria in Pariaman of Indonesia’s West Sumatra Province Saturday, failed to come up with a champion.

This happened because of a communication problem.

“Due to miscommunication, some supporting officials were separated from their racer groups and could not maintain supervision,” Antara learned here on Saturday.

As supporting officials got separated from their racers, the first stage’s re-start was affected, according to the TdS control radio officer, Eva Catarina.

As a result, the Chief Commissaire came to the decision that the first stage of the Tour de Singkarak (TdS), which offered Rp2.5 billion total cash prize, ended without throwing up a champion (jersey) and or points.

However, there will be prizes for the sprint before the finish in Gondoria Beach in Pariaman city.

TdS, the 7th of its kind that started on October 3 and will last till October 11, involves participants from 36 countries, and will include the five best teams from Indonesia.

The event altogether is divided into nine stages, during which the participants will cover 1,343.1 kilometers, a distance longer than last year’s 1,250 kilometers, the head of West Sumatra’s provincial tourism and creative economy affairs office, Burhasman, said.

All the racers will pass through 18 districts and cities in West Sumatra, Deputy Assistant to Deputy Personal of Market Segment Development of the Ministry of Tourism, Raseno Arya, pointed out in Padang last Saturday.

The following is the schedule of TdS 2015.
– Stage 1: October 3, 2015, starting from Carocok Beach, Pesisir Selatan District, to finish in Gondoriah Beach, Pariaman. Length of this stage is 163.2 kilometers.
– Stage 2: October 4th, 2015, starting from Regent Office of Padang Pariaman District, to finish at SMAN 1 Sumani, Solok District. Length – 140.2 kilometers.
– Stage 3: October 5, 2015, starting from Tourism Village, Sijunjung District, to finish at the Sport Centre, Dharmasraya District. Length – 206.3 kilometers.
– Stage 4: October 6, 2015, starting from Sawahlunto city, to finish in Padang Aro in Solok Selatan. Length – 171.6 kilometers.
– Stage 5: October 7, 2015, starting from Ngalau Indah, Payakumbuh city, to finish at the Office of Limapuluhkota District head. Length – 136.5 kilometers.
– Stage 6: October 8, 2015, starting from the Clock Tower in Bukittinggi, to finish at Istano Baso Pagaruyung, Tanah Datar. Length – 116.8 kilometers.
– Stage 7: October 9, 2015, starting at the Bonjol Equator in Pasaman, Pasaman Barat, to finish at Regent Office of Pasaman Barat. Length – 121.1 kilometers.
– Stage 8: October 10, 2015, starting from the Pasaman Barat District head office, to finish at Lawang Park, Agam Distric. Length – 138.1 kilometers.
– Stage 9: October 11, 2015, starting at Padang Panjang city, to finish in Padang city. Length – 148.6 kilometers.


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